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Joining the Wookies.

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Joining the Wookies.

Post  W-w-Horace on Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:17 pm

Name: Pontus.
Age: 13.
Where Do You Live?: Sweden
Little bit about your self: There ain't much to say about me, but I might get a little porblem with the trainings, if they are at the weekend. My parents are divorsed and im every second weekend at my dad's house and I don't got a PC there. And I was in the Myrmidons, I wasn't there at the clan fusion, that's why im doing this appliction.
Wonwokie training camp regulations:
Class:Inf/Archer/Cav: Inf or Archer.
Hours On Warband: I don't play through steam so I don't know, but around 600h I think.
Clans History: I been in 2 MM clans and I was with Myrmidons.
Wonwokie Speaking System: I will just guess at this one I don't really know what speaking system means, but, I will be ncie and take orders from higher ranked soldiers, and I will follow them, I won't be trolling and insult people.
TeamSpeak 3: Yes I have it.
Mircrophone: Yes got one.

SiegeTeam, Community, Defenders. I wanna join there I fght in battles and things like that, put me where I get to fight.

Horace Out.


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